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How does CONSEAL™ Penetrating Permanent Concrete Sealer seal concrete?
Sodium silicate products have been used to seal concrete for years. The sodium silicate constituent in CONSEAL reacts with the calcium hydroxide present in all concrete, a result of the hydration (curing) process. The result of this chemical reaction is calcium silicate hydrate, which fills the small pores and hairline cracks to permanently seal the concrete internally.

Why does CONSEAL™ Penetrating Permanent Concrete Sealer work better than other so called penetrating sealers?
The key to effectively sealing concrete with any silicate based material is to enable the silicate to access as much as possible of the free lime and alkali present within any concrete. CONSEAL™ contains a proprietary blend of 16 different enzymes and surfactants, which act as a catalyst to facilitate truly deep penetration of the material. Tests conducted have shown CONSEAL ™ to penetrate as deep as 8 inches.  The other so called "deep penetrating" concrete sealers simply don't measure up.

If you are a professional or do-it-yourselfer looking for a concrete sealer or concrete block sealer to stop moisture, radon gas or black mold, you can be assured of professional results when you use W.E.T. waterproofing and coating products .

Other W.E.T. products for the do-it-yourselfer or professional include brick sealer & masonry sealer, stucco sealer, concrete curing agent, admixture, masonry cleaner, waterproofing membrane or elastomeric coating.

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Conseal 1000 Penetrating Permanent Concrete Sealer

Seals concrete to stop moisture and radon gas.  

Seals concrete to help prevent black mold, mildew and fungus growth.

CONSEAL Concrete Sealer becomes an integral permanent part of the concrete by reacting with the free lime and alkali found in all concrete, thus waterproofing and substantially strengthening the structure of the concrete.

CONSEAL Concrete Sealer seals concrete and other cement based materials into a mass that is essentially solid, rather than porous. Its penetrating quality provides deep sealing that provides an effective seal for the life of the concrete.  NOTE: Substrates such as concrete block, cinder block, shotcrete, gunite and other porous materials need to be "fortified" with Conseal Primer 1050 prior to the application of the Conseal 1000 Concrete Sealer.

CONSEAL Concrete Sealer is extremely effective in warm weather, preventing temperature cracking when applied right after troweling and kept saturated for 30 minutes.

CONSEAL Concrete Sealer eliminates dusting and flaking and prepares the treated surface for paints, caulking compounds, adhesives and floor coverings, and increases the bond and life of these materials. It is coatable and compatible with any type of covering.

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